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If there is a problem of any kind during the rental
of your jumper unit, please give us a call immediately. 
We can not help you if you do not call.
If we do not answer leave a message and give us about 15 minutes to call back, also there is another number on your invoice, you can also call that number.  If we do not call you back with 15 minutes please call again and leave another message.  Remeber we are extremely busy on Friday, Saturday and Sundays.  Please see "IMPORTANT" below for more info.

Important.... If we DO NOT call by 9 pm to reconfirm, please CALL US!!
We are only human and could miss you on the list.  

Please verify and re-verify your order.  When your order is placed over the phone, we will read back your order and repeat your address and phone numbers.  We prefer to get two phone numbers because we reconfirm all orders the evening before your party.

During the phone reservation we will give information in regards to payment, drop off and pick up times, we also repeat, your party date and day of the week.  We will then direct you to check this page (RESERVATION INFO) for additional information. 

Email orders are basically handled the same way.  Emails are preferred because everything is in writing but phone orders are always just fine and most orders are taken by phone.

We issue a confirmation number with email and text orders only, if you email or text and
do not receive a confirmation number then your order IS NOT an order. Please continue
to email or text to get that confirmation number. 


Delivery:  Please be prepared for deliveries between 7:00am and 12:30pm. EXACT TIME ARE NEVER GIVEN. There is no way to know the exact drive times between stops or how long we will be between stops (some jumpers take longer to set up) Also, we have no control over traffic, street closures, or weather. When we reconfirm the night before your delivery, we will give you an APPROXIMATE delivery time with a two hour window but nothing is guaranteed. 

Please have desired area ready for the Jumper to be set-up (clean and free of debris).  We do not wait for the area to be cleaned or cars to be moved.  If area is not ready and we must go on to the next delivery then we may charge a $10.00 fee to return (depending on the area).  Your order may also be moved to the end of our delivery schedule.  Please be ready!

There may be times when an extension cord is needed especially for the larger units.  The larger units generally use two motor blowers.  We do carry extra extension cords as a courtesy to our customers.  There is always a chance that we may run out so it is your responsibility to have extension cords available just in case.  We do not charge for the use of our extension cords.


Also because the larger combo units may require two motor blowers, it is best to have two different plugs to plug the blowers into. For best results the plugs should be on separate breakers.  Units will be left in proper working condition and driver will ask if you are happy with the set-up before they leave   If unit malfunctions or does not inflate properly during use, you (customer) must call immediately so we can respond to the problem.  We will either fix, replace unit with another or issue refund if we can not fix the problem but we must be notified immediately (during use) otherwise refunds will not be considered.  UNITS ARE NOT TO BE MOVED AFTER SET-UP, NO REFUNDS will be issued if unit is moved and then not functioning properly later .   Full refunds are not given after 3pm.  Partial refunds will be considered up to 6pm after that time refunds will not be more $20.00.   Most of us have older homes and some older homes cannot run some of our larger units very well if other items are plugged in with the jumper so please be mindfull of this.  We rent out 10 to 15 large units per day and inevitably one unit will not work properly please remember the above and 98% of the time we are able to fix the problem without having to change the unit or issue a refund.

The Water Slide units will need a hose and we do not provide the hoses so please be prepared to have a hose ready.




When to Pay:  Payment is due upon delivery in CASH.  Please have the cash ready when we arrive.  If payment is not ready, we will not leave your rental items. 
We may charge a $10.00 fee to return.  We may also have to put move you to the end of the schedule.  Please make arrangements to have your payment ready prior to your delivery.  We do call all customers the evening before to remind them of this requirement.   We require a photo i.d. and signature to complete the rental agreement.

 We pick up between 7:00pm & 10:00pm. This is APPROXIMATE. We will not come early, we will come at or after your requested pick up time. REMEMBER, drivers may be up to or over one hour late, especially when customers request the same general pick up time.  Please understand that we like to provide good customer service to all our customers.  If you need an earlier or later set up or a later pick up time let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your party needs.  For example if you request an 8pm pick up time, we will not come earlier than that, we will come at 8pm or after. Drop off time has nothing to do with the time we pick up so if we drop off early that does not mean we will pick up early.  You choose your approximate time. When requesting a later pick up such as 10pm remember that other customers may be doing the same so please understand we may arrive well after 10pm and it is a good possibility we may arrive at 11:30pm so please keep that in mind.

Weather Policy:  Fun Jump Express reserves the right to cancel due to bad weather (rain & high winds).  During the rainy season, once a Jumper is set up and it starts to rain, we will be back to pick up the Jumper and there will be "NO REFUNDS".
We will not set up the Jumper in the rain or in winds 15 to 20 mph and greater.

Cancellation Policy:  Fun Jump Express reserves the right to cancel due to the safety of children, the security of our rentals items, the safety of our employees/representatives, customers that do not agree to our terms and conditions, or bad weather (see above). We may also pick up jumper during the rental if customer is making unreasonable requests and we fear retaliation in the form of customers damaging our jumper unit or harming our emloyees/representatives.